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Building leads digitally requires new mindset

2/27/2013 5:02:51 PM

In recent years, the marketing world has changed dramatically, as consumers do practically everything in the digital world, from holiday shopping to ordering dinner or paying bills. To keep up with the trend and further expand business leads, companies need to shift their old mindset and find ways to market in the digital arena.

In the past, it was common to spend a lot of time and money on planning and creating the perfect campaign, but the internet lets marketers constantly measure what is and isn't working, so efforts can be implemented, amended and iterated at the blink of an eye. Therefore, efforts are generally started on a smaller scale, and if they are well-received, they can be expanded and improved upon, which will help a company find new business leads.

Small businesses can build big leads
The internet and digital devices have helped make sure small businesses can play ball with big corporations and reach customers and consumers who previously may have not been interested in their message. So business owners and their management can take a few steps to make sure they're effective in reaching a wide audience, including:

• Contact a local university to see if a business or marketing class could help
• Follow a few digital marketing or social media blogs to read every day
• Encourage all employees to learn the basics of digital marketing
• Enlist the help of interns or volunteers, whether employees or not

"Customer engagement is the key to converting possible sales," an iMedia Connection blog post said. "So many simple yet entertaining options are available to prompt that initial consumer interest. Once that interest is piqued, the customer relationship can be built one carefully measured step at a time."

Increasing customer engagement also could lead to more loyalty and happiness, which could boost word-of-mouth marketing and help increase your audience. Providing them relevant and entertaining content - as well as getting them to sign up for blog notifications, enter contests or play games - will help them feel like they're part of your company, which could help garner a sense of loyalty.

"And once you get a customer, keeping those customers is more cost efficient than developing new potential customers," the blog said. "Most customers appreciate that a company cares about them and their business. By gaining an audience through skillful marketing strategies, a lifelong customer will be engaged."

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