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Direct mail could potentially be more effective than ever

2/29/2012 5:10:50 PM

Some people believe the mailman may go the way of the milk man - disappearing when their services are no longer relevant. However, direct mail is far from going away and some marketers have found that this advertising channel may actually be more effective than ever before.

"Direct mail is one of the oldest yet still most effective marketing strategies for small business owners to attract new clients. It's a marketing piece that is delivered by the postman straight to your target audience," explains Dynamic Business.

Direct mail has the ability to pack an extra punch in today's age, strangely, because email is becoming more common. The news source says that while email inboxes are getting increasingly "crowded," mail boxes aren't. A message that might get lost in a sea of web marketing efforts has the potential to stand out more as a parcel sent through a commercial or residential mailing list.

While it can be difficult to make an email standout from the crowd, mailings can be made extra appealing if they are "lumpy," says the site. Regular bills and letters are flat, but "lumpy mail" will undoubtedly stick out.

To make a mailing lumpy, marketers can include items that aren't typically found in a simple letter or postcard. These include free samples, small gifts and other trinkets. For example, a company promoting a new product can not only offer a coupon but also a sample of the new item, or a business that provides services that help clients relax can send a stress ball.

A lumpy mailing isn't the only way to rise to the top as a marketer. Other tricks of the trade include brightly colored envelopes, creatively shaped parcels and handwritten addresses. In a highly digital age, many consumers will appreciate the personal touch that handwriting offers.

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