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Improve online marketing with a local focus

4/10/2013 1:13:04 PM

One way to engage business leads is by optimizing the company website and blog for their benefit. Content marketing, social media sites and search engine optimization are all great ways to follow up with direct marketing campaign efforts. One more important aspect of online marketing, though, is how companies, especially B2B organizations, are handling local search efforts. Because so many customers are researching businesses on their smartphone or tablet, oftentimes trying to find locations, websites need to be optimized appropriately.

Many other companies are looking to do business with nearby firms because it lowers shipping, sales calls and other procedure costs, says Business 2 Community. Therefore, it's a good idea to makes sure local search efforts are allowing for inquiries from business prospects and being matched for search queries. In addition, more leads are searching for companies on their mobile devices, and sites that are mobile-friendly and optimized correctly are at a significant advantage over their competitors.

Search Engine Land points to the fact that many consumers are trusting local listings more so than they used to, meaning the first one that shows up on a search is thought to be the best, but they are also paying attention to reviews and ratings available online. In order to keep the brand image positive and maintain a high rank, sites need to more locally focused. Small and medium-sized businesses are more likely to be found on a local search than they would in just a random search.

The best way to reach consumers on a small business lead list is by integrating a strong online approach along with direct marketing tactics. Business 2 Community says to encourage reviews and develop that communication with customers, make sure onsite and offsite optimization is excellent and that website analytics is utilized for improvements down the road.

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