National Do Not Call Registry
Subscription Account Number Information

• The FTC requires telemarketers and sellers to search the registry at least once every 31 days and drop from their call lists the phone numbers of consumers who have registered.

• Telemarketers and sellers require a Subscriber Account Number (SAN) to use the Federal Do Not Call Registry.

• Cole Information requires a customer’s SAN to enable access to the DNC registry and telemarketing information.

How to register for your SAN
1. Access the FTC Web Site:

Click on the option: Register New Users

2. Organization Information Section

a. Complete required information

b. Select the Organization Function: Seller

3. Authorized Representative

a. Complete required information

b. If you will be the Downloader as well as the Authorized Representative, enter your email address in all four address fields

c. Click on Submit. The Create A Profile – Review Information screen should appear. If the screen does not appear, return to Organization Information, check and correct Red error messages, then resubmit.

4. Create a Profile - Review Information

a. Review the information on the screen

b. If correct, click Create Profile

5. Create A Profile – Certification Screen

a. Read through then,

b. Click in the circle before Yes, I agree

c. Click on: Certify button

6. Your profile is now complete

a. Print the profile page for your records – you will need the Organization ID and Password to complete this process.

b. Click on the back button

Ordering area codes
1. Click on the Manage/Renew Subscription button

a. Enter your Organization ID and your Password which you printed at the end of the Create a Profile process. Note: the ID and Password must be entered exactly as shown using all symbols and upper/lower case letters.

b. Click in the circle Representative

c. Click Log In

2. On the Manage/Renew Subscription page, click Order Area Codes for your Current Subscription

a. Select your subscription - Organization or Client

b. In the Subscribe to Area Codes section choose the appropriate field. Note: The ‘Area Codes by Area Code Number’ button is usually selected for a limited number of area codes. Payment is required for selecting more than 5 area codes.

c. Click Submit

3. Select your Area Codes

a. To make it easier to find your Area Codes you can sort by State or by Area Code
b. Reminder: Up to 5 Area Codes are free, any more it is currently $62.00 per Area Code.
c. Click Continue

4. On the ‘Confirm Your Order’ page check your Area Codes to make sure they are correct.

a. To add more Area Codes or remove Area Codes click on the Change button.
b. If everything is ok click on the Continue button.

5. Print the Subscription Complete page, which includes your SAN number and expiration date. You have completed you registration.

a. To add more Area Codes or remove Area Codes click on the Change button.
b. If everything is ok click on the Continue button.