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You have a million things to be worrying about: increasing revenue, and finding new customers just to name a couple. Whether you’re a small business owner, working for a non-profit or anything in between, we can help you with your targeted campaign just like we’ve helped our customers for the past 65 years. We do this in two main ways:
100 Free Leads - Start Building Your List Equip We can equip you with the information you need to contact the prospects who will most likely become profitable customers for you. You know your area better than anyone. We allow you to use your knowledge to save yourself time and money. Start finding new customers today with your free trial account.
Empower We provide free training in multiple forms to empower you to use the information at your disposal, to be able to find new customers. Find webinars, articles, videos and more from our variety of sources.
We've come a long way!
Jack Cole, the father of data management, used punch card technology to create crisscross directories. This revolutionary product made it possible to locate and market to individuals. Door-to-door salesmen, debt collectors, and delivery services began to depend on this directory to do business and find new customers.
Over the decades Cole Information has grown to offer useful products via CDs, print and websites.
1905's - 2000
Our products, now online, help equip and empower business professionals in many industries to find new customers. Fast. Easy. And at a price that allows small budgets keep up with the big competitors.

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100 Free Leads Start Building Your List
100 Free Leads Start Building Your List
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